Be Kind

Be kind

Be kind.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I will always remember this quote posted by Dr. Wayne Dyer on his Facebook Fan Page sometime in 2015. It instantly affected me. Specifically, it changed how I related to my three children.

Until reading these two words on a white background, I had never considered kindness. I had never made kindness the criteria or the goal.

When I did, it changed things for me. It changed my personality. I, rather, chose to change which changed my demeanor. I found myself critiquing how I was acting and what I was saying. I’d frequently think to myself, oh, that wasn’t very nice to say to my child, or, dang, that wasn’t very nice for you to do that.

As I continually did this, over the months, I became kind. Especially with my children. Has kindness ever been your guide?