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Live Light And Love evolved as a collection of spiritual teachings. Here you will witness my personal spiritual discoveries. As I continue my studies, I will share with you my perspective. Feel free to join the conversation by sending me an email or by writing a comment.

The thing I love about thought quotes is that they give us a different way of thinking. They also can reinforce what we believe. Do you like coming across different perspectives and discussing them?

In addition, thought quotes at times will provide us hope and faith; insight that guides us through hard times. Sometimes that faith is all we have to get through the toughest emotional times in life.

What’s helpful at other times is having positive things to focus on such as things we’re working to achieve. Below is a list of items you can make your purpose. If you were to choose one or two, which ones would you choose? 

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  • How to jumpstart a plant-based diet.
  • How to feel more vibrant and alive.
  • How to move through the pain of loss.
  • How to get through stress and overwhelm to feel more calm and centered.
  • How to discover more of who you are.
  • How to believe that YOU ARE ENOUGH.
  • How to learn to love yourself.
  • How to swiftly get things done.
  • How to feel less self-conscious.
  • How to activate spirit within you.
  • How to start new habits.
  • How to be more happy.
  • How to be more creative.
  • How to love life again.
  • How to make the most of your day.

Disclaimer: The views shared are based on my personal interpretation of the teachings of spiritual leaders. It’s not intended to be spiritual guidance. Please access these spiritual leaders’ expertise directly for a comprehensive spiritual experience based on decades of research, study, and experience.